iBuildshow General Terms & Conditions


The 2nd International Build & Property Show

Date: 6 - 9 June 2023


Banian Omid (Exhibition Management Co.)

Lower Ground, Hall 5 (East Entry),Tehran Permanent Fairground, Chamran Highway Tehran, Iran

Tel: +9821 74501000 (30 Lines)

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Website: www.ibuildshow.com     www.fairs-global.com      www.banian.ir


Passport must be valid for a minimum period of six months

From the proposed date of entry into iran


  • In these conditions the term "Exhibitor" is attributed to signatory of this application including all foreign companies and other individuals or agents .The Organizer "means BANIAN OMID (Exhibition Management Co.)
  • Application formshould be sent at least 30 days before the opening of the exhibition .Furthermore ,applications submitted without making full payment by the day specified will not be considered .Such forms are of no validity what so ever.
  • The organizer reserves the right for acceptance or rejection of the application forms and will not be liable for any explanation.
  • The Exhibitor is not allowed to sublet or share the space allocated to her/him with others unless she/he obtains Organizer`s permission.
  • The Exhibitor wishing to cancel her/him participation in the exhibition, at most 60 days before the opening date,25 percent of the total rental charge will remain in the possession of the Organizer as compensation and the rest of it will be returned to the exhibitor .Withdrawing during 60 days to the opening the Exhibitor remains liable for all the financial commitments incurred on his account and shall not claim compensation.
  • The Exhibitor should furnish details of proposed exhibit goods as well as the Address, Telephone,Fax ,E-mail in English Language to enter the exhibition catalogue at least 30 days before the opening of the fair ; otherwise , the Organizer will not be responsible for the entry.
  • According to the limited space for allocation of stands coincidence to the exhibitor’s request, organizer is responsible for arrangement. And the organizer can increase or decrease the required space in few square meters and by agreement of exhibitors.
  • The Exhibitors wishing to demonstrate the operation of their machinery must obtain the prior approval of the Organizer .All responsibilities will be borne by the Exhibitors for any damages to the fairground or installations.
  • Decoration and arrangement of exhibits within the stand as well as construction and deconstruction jobs should be completed 12 hours before the opening day and all unnecessary materials and empty cases should be removed from the fairground to the place determined by the organizer,
  • The Exhibitor should submit the layout of internal extension at least 30 days before the opening of the exhibition .Extra power consumption will be calculated by Technical office and the charge must be paid. Besides that,the Exhibitor must inform the Organizer about machines consuming more that 5kw/h and forward the layout of their electric connections 30 days before the opening day.
  • The Exhibition is not allowed to have any kind of retail sale during the fair.
  • Exhibitor, who requires telephone, should complete a relevant application form and delivery it to the communication unit of the fair ground ,not later 30days before the opening day.
  • The transportation of heavy vehicle to the stand from the custom office of exhibition has to be in prior agreement of organizer 15 days before the opening day. And if it is not possible to transport the machine, the organizer shall not be responsible.
  • No vehicles will be allowed to enter the fairground while the fair is open. Delivery of foods and Other things only is permitted in the early morning before the opening of the exhibition.
  • The exhibitor will receive free identification cards for the staff of his/her pavilion to the fairground during the fair.
  • Exhibitor` s banners or signboards must be within the area of their. All kinds of advertisements such as placards,wall writing ,etc outside stand will be subject to Organizer` s Permission and related charges.
  • The Exhibitor will be responsible for securing and safeguarding their exhibits before The opening day and during the visiting hours of the exhibition .The exhibition’s halls will be locked and sealed in the closing hours.
  • Flammable articles are banned from storage in the halls. The exhibitor requiring any type of such articles for demonstration purposes should consult the fire station officials of the fair.
  • The exhibitor should vacate and hand over her/his inside space to the organizer at most 24 hours after the termination of the fair ,otherwise the Organizer will remove the Exhibits from the fairground without any responsibility for explanation . It is important to mention that the exhibitor will be charged for the costs of the transportation and the warehousing.
  • The Organizer shall not be responsible for the loss or damage to any property of the exhibitor Or any other person, caused by National Emergency ,Civil unrest ,War, Acts of God and general cases of force major or caused not within the organizer` s control .The organizer shall not be liable in case the opening or holding of the exhibition is prevented ,postponed or abandoned or if the hall becomes totally or partly unavailable for the holding of the exhibition due to any of foregoing causes, the exhibitor shall indemnify and hold the organizer safe and harmless from all losses and damages to personal property.
  • Oral agreements are valid only after they have been confirmed in writing and signed.
  • The Organizer will cover the insurance for Exhibitor goods just five million rials per sqm (for mother nature and fire).
  • The Organizer will completely be in charge of the stands allocation. The allocation is made according to the priority of the registration.
  • The exhibitor wishing to personally construct her/his stand with a special design ,should deliver the related design for the approval of the Organizer and the IIEC not Later than 30days before the opening day. it is important to mention that only the stands with the prefabricated system design which are to be constructed /dismantled in not more Than 48 hrs. will get the construction approval.
  • Considering of external area of stand and the height of hall. The final design for construction must be confirmed by organizer & Iranian International Exhibition Company (IIEC).Organizer has the right for any changes in design of construction.
  • If a participator wishes to have double story booth, the booth area must be more than 60Sqm.
  • The area of second floor must be 20% of total area of ground floor.
  • Second floor shall not have any interruption or negative effection on surrounding stands.
  • The exhibitor is committed to fully comply with all the criteria related to the observance of health protocols announced by the National Corona Headquarter and the Iran International Exhibition Company. Otherwise, it will accept all possible legal consequences of non-compliance with these matters without objection.
  • The date of the exhibition has been determined according to the calendar of IIEC which is 6 - 9 June 2023. Due to the need to follow the decisions of the National Corona Headquarters, there is a possibility of a change in the date. Accordingly, the amounts received as an advance payment for registration in the event will be considered as an advance payment for participation in the exhibition with new given dates.

On the basis of IIEC rules, the exhibitors who personally construct their stand & have the second floor must pay 50% of total area of the second floor in addition of their payment for their ground floor to the organizer.

Included Services: 

1- Fire and accident insurance (goods and machinery)

2- Group accident insurance

3- Invitation card (Free Entry) 5 cards for every 1Sqm

4- Publishing exhibitor’s name and details in official website (www.ibuildshow.com)

5- Two Exhibition’s Book  

6- Half a page advertisement in Exhibition’s Book

Any dispute / difference and or any breach or interpretation with regard to the terms and conditions mentioned above shall be referred to a sole Arbitrator and such Arbitration shall be conducted in accordance with the provisions of the Arbitration and Conciliation. 

The said Arbitration proceedings shall be conducted in I.R of Iran, and shall be in English language.

The laws of I. R. of Iran shall apply to the terms mentioned above and the Courts in I.R. of Iran alone will have jurisdiction.


According to the rules given by IIEC due to hygiene and health reasons ordering food from the restaurants outside the exhibition site is forbidden.

  • Hall 5 - Tehran Permanent Fairground
  • +9821-74501000 (30 Lines)
  • +9821-74501000 (Int.601)
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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